As photosynthetic organisms, algae (unicellular and multicellular) almost make the same contribution to global carbon fixation as the land plants. Our research is focused on algal metabolism and the interactions of microalgae with other microorganisms. Available genome sequences from algae are exploited to find hints for yet unknown metabolites, and to identify biosynthetic routes to known compounds. In the laboratory, we are combining genetic strategies with physiological and chemical-analytical methods to elucidate the benefit of specific compounds and proteins for the algal cell. We hope that our research will provide ecological insights into algal lifestyle and improve our understanding of how algae interact with their environment and other organisms. In addition, the investigation of algal metabolism may lead to the discovery of biotechnologically or pharmaceutically useful compounds and processes.

Our research activities cover the following areas:

Interactions of microalgae with other microorganisms

Secondary metabolites from algae

Xanthophyll cycles of algae and higher plants

Photosynthesis, stress and ecophysiology

Photon and carbon balances in microalgae

Gibberellin biosynthesis in plant pathogenic bacteria (Dr. R. Nagel)

'New Green Chemistry' (Research group SenProf. Christian Wilhelm)

We regularly offer projects for theses on the research areas listed above. To enquire about projects, please contact Prof. Sasso.

last modified: 22.11.2019