<p>New Green Chemistry is a new approach to produce organic carbon for industrial use or for energy production by means of photosynthesis without the generation of biomass. The photosynthetically fixed carbon is excreted instead of being used for biomass production. The advantage of this approach is that the conversion efficiency from photon to the product is at least one order of magnitude higher and the demand of limiting plant nutrients (like phosphorus, nitrogen or potassium) is negligible. At present we are developing two different excreting products from photosynthesis. One is the excretion of glycolate which can be converted to methane via anaerobic fermentation or used in traditional industrial fermentation based biotechnology instead of sugar as a carbon source. Within a second project high potential algae strains are created with help of genetic crossing experiments. Using crosslinking, new phototroph biofilms are created with the goal to use these as catalytic surfaces.</p>
<p>This research is financed with the suppourt of EFRE program &quot;Application-oriented research on innovative  energy technics&quot;.</p>
<p>contact: <a href="" class="mail"> Dr. Heiko Wagner</a></p>

last modified: 29.04.2019