Alexandra Weigelt

Alexandra Weigelt

Senior Scientist and Laboratory manager

Tel +49-341-97-38594
Fax +49-341-97-38549
E-mail alexandra.weigelt*
Room 129


Systematic Botany and Functional Biodiversity
Institut of biology
University of Leipzig
Johannisallee 21
04103 Leipzig

Curriculum Vitae

Curriculum Vitae:

since 09/14

Lecturer in Biology and Functional Biodiversity at the University of Leipzig

since 12/09

Senior Scientist in the group of Special Botany and Functional Biodiversity, University of Leipzig

3/05 - 11/09

Research Scientist at the institute of Ecology, University of Jena, Coordination of the Jena-Experiment field site

11/02 - 2/05

Research Scientist at the chair of Biogeography, University of Bayreuth

1/02 - 10/02

Post-Doc in the Soil Ecology group of Prof. Dr. R. Bardgett, University of Lancaster, GB


PhD Biology at the University of Bielefeld

3/98 - 8/01

PhD at the Chair of experimental Ecology and Ecosystem Biology, University of Bielefeld

1989 - 1996

Study of Biology at the University of Würzburg

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