- German Federation For The Curation Of Biological Data (GFBio)

The German Federation for the Curation of biological Data (GFBio)

Environmental research is becoming a central aspect solving major societal challenges related to ecosystems and climate dynamics. In order to handle the scale and the complexity of scientific questions addressed in that context, there is a strong need to integrate knowledge. However biological and other environmental data is currently widely scattered and thus difficult to preserve, share and reuse in a larger context. The German Federation For The Curation Of Biological Data (GFBio) is a DFG funded project that works on a coherent infrastructure to improve the preservation, the discovery and the integration of data. To achieve this the GFBio project brings together national key players providing environmentally related data and services. The overall goal is to provide a sustainable, service oriented, national data infrastructure facilitating the sharing of data and to stimulate data intensive sciences in the fields of biological and environmental research. The federation will build on existing data archiving infrastructures and work-flows such as those of PANGAEA for environmental data and the resources of Germany's major natural history collection data repositories. The new infrastructure will improve and integrate these existing components within a common technological and organizational framework.

last modified: 03.09.2015